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The Republic of Thanmyrr

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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2011 6:11 am    Post subject: The Republic of Thanmyrr  Reply with quote

I'll be posting a map of this region on my website in the next few days, which will make the place names mentioned a little easier to follow.

In the meantime here is some information regarding the Republic.

The Republic of Thanmyrr

Organization: "Open Feudal” City State

Political Structure: Plutocratic (Government by the wealthiest class of citizens ie wealthy merchants, guild masters etc.) A Ruling Council of guild masters and selected others given seats on the council elect for life the ruler “Don” of the city-state, currently Don Marcus Laronda.

Under certain limited circumstances such as treason etc. The ruler can and has been replaced. The seven most senior, including the Don traditionally make up an inner council.

Citizenry: The republic is predominately human, though a small minority of dwarfs and elves also reside in the republic. Other races may also occasionally be found. Some of these are citizens of the republic and a number have even served on the ruling council.

Alliances: The Republic of Thanmyr has a mutual defence treaty with Masra and anti-piracy treaties with Wesse and Anarra.

Embassies: Representatives of a number of other states maintain permanent or semi-permanent presences in Thanmyr. These are Masra, Wesse, Anarra and Enwesse.

Subsistance Pattern: Mixed Economy with a significant input from fishing.
Kinship Structure: Bilateral, kinship can be traced through either the male or female line. Inheritance and property ownership is also flexible.

Military: Rural fiefs do not have a full time military component; these have been stripped out and are paid for by the realm as full time garrisons/mercenaries etc. The petit sergeants, yeomen and peasants are theoretically available as a reserve.

The armed force is essentially an average quality professional army with medium sized tactical and strategic units. Units are divided up and garrison the various strongholds, castles, with some units in the capital and larger towns.

The best heavy cavalry (on medium warhorses) wear steel half plate armour and shields. The remaining heavy cavalry (on medium warhorses) wears full chain and shields. The light auxiliary cavalry (on light warhorses) wears whatever armour the cavalrymen can afford. Weaponry for the heavy cavalry tends to be lances and broadswords, lighter cavalry having lighter spears and broadswords with a sprinkling of light crossbows.

The best infantry tends to be in full chain with shields and armed with varying weapons depending upon the unit, ie pikes, heavy crossbows etc. with broadswords as a secondary weapon. The auxiliary infantry (yeomen and peasant levies) varies; some yeomen are equipped with composite bows and shortswords or spears and shortswords. Peasant levies in general have improvised weapons. Armour for the yeomanry tends to be chain shirts or reinforced leather coats, peasantry generally have either no armour or at best leather jerkins (AT5).

Notable Exports: Orange and Red Flame wood from the Wythera Islands. Soft and Hardwood Timber, Furniture, Silver, Sulpher. The flame trees are now only found on the Wythera Islands the stands once found on Thanmyr Island having been exhausted. Most of the forests and woodlands which once covered Thanmyr Island have also been denuded.

Main island (Thanmyr): 3,273 square miles
Chandler Island: 86 square miles
Wythera Islands: 61 square miles
Approximate Total: 3,421 square miles

Total rural population of Thanmyr: 69,200
Total approximate urban population of Thanmyr: 44,750
Total approximate population of Thanmyr: 113,950

Town Type               Population Town Name
City and Port 40,000 Thanmyr
Market Town and Port 2,000 Erethe
Market Town and Port 1,000 Garand
Town                750 Sander
Town                500 Lorren
Town                500 Halssen

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