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General Discussion about 2nd Edition
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C&S 2nd Edition Character Sheet (Excel based)
conversion from AD&D to Chivalry & Sorcery
Mugging and backstabbing
Did anyone write a "menu" for character generation
[b]2nd. Edition Chivarly & Sorcery[/b]
1st ed. and 2nd ed. of Rules supplements
Looking for a copy of "C&S" 2nd ed. boxed set
Legendary Creatures, are they underrated in C&S 2nd Ed ?
Status of Arden?
Convertying Supplements
Character Sheets
Encounter Tables...
Skillscape and 2nd ed.
Looking for 2nd Ed. Books
Bardic Voice - An underrated stat ?
Merchant Adventurers
The Great Blow
First Post and Question
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